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How would you change Apple's iPhone 3G?

Darren Murph

It has technically been available for three weeks today (and a few hours in the US, but who's counting?), although we're confident quite a few of you are still waiting to actually hold your very own iPhone 3G. Still, those that have braved the excruciatingly long lines and got lucky with AT&T's apparently random Direct Fulfillment approach surely have something to say. We've already confirmed that firmware 2.0 has some serious issues that need dealt with, and aside from elaborating on those, what else would you have done differently with Apple's second handset? Would you have changed the overall design more dramatically? Finally included a user-removable battery? Used a casing material that wouldn't crack for no good reason under pressure? There's still time for your input to be heard before firmware 2.1 arrives (ahem, Apple?) -- sound off below!

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