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Rumor: Peter Jackson's Halo project still staffing up


That's funny – we could have sworn it was August, not April. It was four months ago, after all, that we reported on Microsoft Game Studios' hiring push for director Peter Jackson's mysterious Halo universe project. Yet we're still seeing postings for what appear to be positions on the game's development team. In this case it's a biggie: creative director.

A new recruitment listing on Gamasutra states that "Microsoft Game Studios' Halo team is looking for a superstar Creative Director to help develop a new experience in the Halo universe." Of course, this could be another new Halo project, but further reading reveals otherwise. Additional responsibilities listed include "[partnering] with key Hollywood talent to collaboratively craft a masterful game experience," and "[collaborating] with game play designers, story writers, game writers, and said external luminary to deliver on a unique game in the Halo universe." We'll give you one guess who the "said external luminary is," and their name rhymes with "Eter Ackson."

[Via 1UP]

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