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Square Enix launches new label for nontraditional gamers


Some of you may be saying "Good grief!" or "Aaaaaugh!" right now, but young children and women are the audiences holding the football in the Japanese DS market now, and Square Enix recognizes this. They've launched a new brand called "Pure Dreams" which focuses on casual games for the family audiences. The first two games both carry popular licenses.

Snoopy DS: Let's Go Meet Snoopy and His Friends! is a communication game in which you create a custom Peanuts character and interact with the gang, chatting with them and playing minigames. Pingu's Wonderful Carnival is a minigame collection based on the Swiss stop-motion series about a penguin.

Square Enix is pretty serious about casual gaming in Japan -- this line joins their large DS Style selection in Japan. But outside of Japan, it's still RPG after RPG.

[Via Famitsu; thanks, maduma!]

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