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Forum post of the day: Simple pleasures

Amanda Dean

I've long said that once the game becomes more like a job than a diversion, it may be time to reconsider your choice of hobbies. True, to get to the top it takes lot of work, knowledge, and time. But when it comes down to it, what is the game really about? Vagh of Kil'jaeden sent out a shout out to those who aren't the best of the best, but are still enjoying the game. He tipped his hat to:

  • A person who is happily running around a main city with greens and blues
  • A person who is so happy to kill a boss in a 5 man instance
  • A person who gets a blue off of a non-heroic mode boss for a badly needed upgrade and floods the party channel with "Woot!" or "I'm so happy!!!"
  • A person whose arena rating hovers in the 1400s but still enjoys the game
  • A person who doesn't complain endlessly on the forums about imbalance

  • A person who still plays wow not for the gear but for fun
  • A person who doesn't get emo when they lose a match or wipe on a boss
  • A person you'll see in battlegrounds again with mostly greens and a couple of blue's who has no premades
  • and has slowly grinded some gear, possibly an S1 piece or even older
  • A person who gets ridiculed for his/her gear before the start of BG's and meekly replies with a :(
  • A person who still rides the white Poverty Pigeon 60% speed flying mount but loves it
The responses included varying degrees of agreement and dissent. At some point most of us were happy-go-lucky players and have found our own niches, and many of us have changed perspectives over time. Some suggested that this was describing only the bad players in WoW. We all play our own game. If raiding is your thing, do it If you're preferences is for daily quests or factions, may your grind be a pleasant one. If PvP is your thing, I'll see you in the arena. If your one of the folks Vagh describes here, enjoy the ride, and try not to get jaded.

Blizzard is working to ensure the WoW remains the king of MMORPGs for some time to come. There will be a time some day when our play time is behind us. Will we be left with happy memories and fulfillment, or many days of your life filled with frustration?

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