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Only nine FF games represented in Dissidia, Kefka spotted in new trailer

Majed Athab

One of the most highly anticipated titles for the PSP is the FF mash-em-up brawler, Dissidia: Final Fantasy. We've previously known that one main hero and one villain will represent each game between FF's I through X; however, according to a preview from 1UP, there will only be nine Final Fantasy titles getting representatives.

With FFI, II, III, VIII, IX, and X's rosters fully confirmed, there's only room for three more games. FFVII's Sephiroth has been teased in trailers for the longest time, and 1UP's preview also mentions that FFVI's Kefka had been spotted in a new trailer at the recent Square Enix party. This basically points to both VI and VII being confirmed for two of the final three slots. That leaves either IV or V to be cut from the game. Seeing as V is the worst title in the series (feel free to send us your hate mail), most likely it'll be the one to be cut.

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