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AUSTAR content with leaving the HD to Foxtel

Darren Murph

Here's an interesting one. Australia's AUSTAR (a pay-TV provider, for those not in the know) is seemingly not in any hurry whatsoever to do as staunch rival Foxtel did and begin offering HD to its customers. Rather than catching up to the competition (and splurging on an investment), AUSTAR is pinching its pennies. According to the company's chief executive, he doesn't feel "a huge amount of pressure" to embrace high-def, suggesting that the increase in customers from the addition of high-definition isn't worth the steep cost. Of course, he did admit that HD would likely be in the carrier's future, but probably not until "mid-2010" or later. C'mon people, how many times do the experts have to tell you? Build it (first), and they will come.

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