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Burnout Paradise 'Bikes Pack' throttles back to September


Previously known as the "Davis" update, the next major content infusion for Burnout Paradise has been renamed ... and delayed by a month. In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Criterion producer Jeremy Chubb reveals that the update is now going by the designation "Bikes Pack" and will hit in September, not August as originally planned.

When it finally hits, the pack will feature two motorcycles: a street chopper and a racing bike. Criterion has also divulged more details on night racing. It turns out that the time of day will change dynamically, and, along with it, so will the bike challenges available. Special "Midnight Rides" will only be accessible after the sun sets on Paradise City. Not that it will always be sunny during the day or moonlit at night – in yet another surprise announcement, Criterion is implementing a dynamic weather system in this update. The dev says it's "serious about DLC," and given this latest news we're even more inclined to respond: "No, really?"

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