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The Daily Grind: What class do you want to play in KotORO?

Michael Zenke

A few weeks back, in the midst of the E3 hoopla, we got the news that BioWare is officially working on a Knights of the Old Republic MMO. If you're anything like the Massively staffers, you've had the Star Wars theme running through your head since then. Next week's release of the Clone Wars feature-length CG movie isn't helping matters any. Back then, our own Kyle Horner threw out some suggestions for playable characters he'd like to see. From Sith to sentient droids, it's an evocative list.

We want to know, though, what do you want to play? Are you looking to fill the shoes of Boba Fett's ancestors and take up the helm of a Mandalorian bounty hunter? Perhaps you're more of a traditionalist and seek to add your voice to those on the Jedi council? Or are you more like this blogger, and simply want the chance to survive with your wits and a good blaster at your side? What role do you want to play if and when Knights of the Old Republic Online ever comes out?

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