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Bungie's not ruling out working on other consoles


Bungie and Microsoft have been attached at the hip for awhile now. Some gamers are Halo haters, a lot more are Halo lovers (folks do like to buy those games). While the likelihood of Halo releasing for other consoles is pretty darn slim, any future projects from the company could see release on platforms other than the Xbox 360.

During an interview with, Bungie's lead AI programmer, Damian Isla, didn't discount the possibility of his company working on other systems, stating that for now "we are working on Xbox 360 with Microsoft but I don't know beyond that." His own interests lean toward the Wii, however, as he lauded it for its interface and appreciated the industry "moving in a direction where a much more casual gamer can come and pick up your game and wave a wand at a screen rather than learning ten different buttons to play Halo with the current Xbox 360 controller. That's really exciting and I think that's a very positive trend for the industry." We guess Damian isn't a subscriber to the Scott Steinberg philosophy of gaming.

We couldn't agree more, Mr. Isla. We couldn't agree more ...

[Via Videogamer]

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