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Sate your need for Wrath info at our Wrath of the Lich King page

Mike Schramm

Poking around on our front page for the latest and greatest in Wrath news not enough for you? Want an IV of all the news coming out the Wrath beta poked directly into your news-reading veins? Then look no further than our newly resdigned Wrath of the Lich King news page, found at From now until launch, that's your number one stop for anything and everything Wrath related, including guides on what's going down in the beta, news about upcoming talent changes and updates for all classes, and what the Lich King himself has planned for us when we step across the threshold in Northrend. Read it, link to it on your own blogs, and, above all, enjoy it. Just like the horrendous undead/demonic melding of Nerz'hul and Arthas Menethil, it's waiting for you.

And if Ask a Beta Tester is more your style, our hardworking linkbunnies (actually, there's just one, and she's really nice) have hammered together this Ask a Beta Tester page as well, with a clear overview of everything our Beta Testers have been asked and answered so far. Want to know what races the NPCs of Dalaran are, or whether Stratholme has showed up in the expansion yet? Our Beta Testers have your answers, and you can see them all over there.

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