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XBLM generates $240 million in revenue

Dustin Burg

How much revenue do you think the Xbox Live Marketplace has generated since its launch? $5 million? $50 million? Maybe $100 million? No, it's even higher as Microsoft recently confirmed that some $240 million in XBLM revenue has been made since the Marketplace's launch. Wowzaz!

Gamasutra reports that Microsoft has generated $240 million in XBLM revenue since 2005 with $180 million of that revenue being made in the last 12 months. It was also revealed that games with DLC that releases within a 30 day "sweet spot" see an additional $21 million in retail revenue. Feel the cash generating power of the XBLM and Xbox Live subscribers' drunken Microsoft points spending rituals. Drunken MS point spending that accounts for an estimated 40% of all XBLM purchases*.

*Drunken XBLM purchase statistics are totally made up, but are based on personal and witnessed experiences.

[Via Joystiq]

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