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The Indiana Jones game that LucasArts doesn't want you to know about ... yet

Kevin Kelly

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I was lucky enough to be able to go up to George Lucas' ranch this Sunday to see a screening of The Clone Wars and to interview the man himself, along with director Dave Filoni and producer Catherine Winder. To top that off, they gave us an insider's tour of the inner working at Lucasfilm and LucasArts.

There's a gallery below filled with highlights from the tour, including the LucasArts gaming lounge, the playtester's room, and their mocap studio. However, the real highlight was... tons of concept art from the "so secret we won't even talk about it" Indiana Jones game that is still forthcoming. It was all dated 2005, so who knows if it'll still feature in the game, but the above image of Indy watching the Golden Gate Bridge being built gives us hope. Find out more after the break.

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When I asked the LucasArts reps about the game, they assured us that they were working on it, and that they would be announcing something... soon. Now, this is just my theory, but I'm hoping that the reason for the secrecy and the delay is that they're hammering out a contract with Harrison Ford to provide his likeness and voice in the game. Otherwise, why not just tell us they're working on a new game? It's one of the highest grossing movies of the year, so it wouldn't exactly surprise anyone.

There was a lot more artwork that they asked us not to photograph, but it showed Indy in various locales: in an elephant chase, on a zeppelin, watching a Chinese dragon parade in China (is Short Round coming back?), in a primitive diving suit staring out over an underground pool complete with Nazi chests in a corner, and the Orient Express. The pieces were all extremely large reproductions (about five feet by seven feet), and looked fantastic. Next trip, I'll distract someone and sneak one out while wearing an Octo-Camo suit.

While I would have liked to ferret out the rest, it was a whirlwind tour, and I was afraid I was going to get "vanished" by Lucas Security if I tried to get any more information. As soon as we hear anything from LucasArts about this game, we'll pass it on, but in the meantime we're hoping all this extra time and secrecy means something good.

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