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Playboy calls Heavy Rain 'Best of E3'


Did those new screenshots of Heavy Rain impress you? Well, you haven't seen anything yet. Breaking the oath of secrecy journalists took at E3, Playboy proudly proclaims that this it-was-there-but-in-secret game of E3 took top honors, beating out other titles, including R2 and LittleBigPlanet. "I will simply say it's by far the most impressive thing I saw at E3," said Playboy's Scott Alexander. However, he notes that "Sony ninjas will hit me with poison shurikens before I can type the words to describe it," Guess we're not going to get details out of him.

While we're certain the public will see more of Heavy Rain in the coming weeks, it appears the game may be very far off into the future -- "This isn't coming for a while yet," Alexander added.

[Thanks, Gambit07!]

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