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Confused by the Resistance 2 ARG? Infinite Bits has you covered

Jem Alexander

We've been trying to keep you as up to date with the Resistance 2 ARG as possible, but those of you who are new to the whole thing may still be understandably confused. Infinite Bits has a great article about how the ARG (Alternate Reality Game) has gone so far and how that links in to both Resistance 1 and its sequel. Sure, there's some conjecture involved, but it sounds pretty convincing to us!

ARGs are a great marketing tool, if done right, and it's rumored that the company behind this one is the best in the business. You may know 4orty 2wo from I Love Bees, The Beast and Last Call Poker, three of the biggest ARGs so far (with The Beast being widely considered to be the first of its kind). So don't be afraid to get involved in Dr. Aklin's tale. But please, suspend disbelief before taking part. It's way more fun that way.

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