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Edge proclaims Halo 3 most innovative game of 2007, 2008


From a list of runners-up that included the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV, Portal, Super Mario Galaxy, and Wii Fit, UK games magazine Edge has awarded Halo 3 its 2008 "Edge Award for Interactive Innovation" with four months left in the year. The decision itself seems to lack a certain degree of, well, innovation, as Edge previously selected Halo 3 as the "Best Innovation" in games for ... 2007.

Upon bestowing this honor upon the game last year, Edge's staff stated, "[Bungie] built Halo 3 to express what its fans dreamt it could be: four player online co-op, a level editor, screenshots, and the best matchmaking system in the world." Eight months later, the game has garnered nearly identical equal praise, "From its Theater mode to Forge, and the way a party playing through Live can seamlessly manoeuvre between them, here is an experience that demonstrates an unparalleled understanding of the potential for console online play."

Could we be due for a Halo Three-peat in '09? Perhaps, if the trailblazing likes of Madden NFL 2009 or Soul Calibur IV don't make the short-list for this coveted honor.

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