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HTC Touch Diamond with US HSDPA going to the highest bidder

Chris Ziegler

Okay, so officially, there's no such thing as a Touch Diamond that can hang on 850 or 1900MHz HSDPA networks -- key word there being "officially." The FCC knows better than that, and at least one eBayer looking for a little extra spending cash seems to as well. A fellow with a so-so 92.9 percent feedback rating claims to have the most elusive of Touch Diamond models in his possession, but wants to sell it and wait for the Touch Pro instead (can't say we blame him). Of course, from his perspective, it also helps that this thing is worth many times what it'll be worth in a few weeks, months, or years -- whenever it is that someone gets around to releasing this puppy in a slightly more official capacity. As always, caveat emptor in these sorts of situations.

[Thanks, Moe]

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