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Last round of BlizzCon tickets (Update: Sold Out)

Mike Schramm

The maintenance SCV is back for one more round of BlizzCon ticket selling. Here's hoping that if you haven't seen tickets yet, you'll get them in this final round.

We'll keep an eye on what's happening here on this post -- feel free to comment if you're waiting for tickets, and if we see the sold out sign (or a notice from Blizzard that they're all gone), we'll let you know when to refresh. We don't know exactly how many tickets Blizzard wants to sell tonight, but we know it'll be less than they've sold so far, and actual selling time is less than an hour or so by our count. So these will likely go fast. Updates after the break.

Update: At 11:21pm, the main site is reporting that tickets for BlizzCon are completely sold out.

11:02pm: We're at two minutes after Blizzard promised ticket sales would go live, and we're still stuck on the SCV. We kind of miss the Failoc, actually -- "The site is down for maintenance" doesn't really have the same mysterious ring as "An error has occurred."

11:06pm: We're getting stylesheet errors, which usually means the site is up but being hammered. No surprise there. But if you're aiming for tickets, looks like now might be your chance.

11:09pm: Yup, it's loading. Tickets are being sold, though for how long we have no idea.

11:15pm: It occurs to us that the Blizzard Store site is buckling under the pressure, and yet the BlizzCon forums run just fine. Are the same web people working on both?

11:17pm: Now is down completely. We only have one question: what dropped? /roll

11:19pm: is officially reporting BlizzCon sold out. Looks like that's it. Congrats to everyone who got tickets, and our condolences to anyone who didn't. Now, what we really want to know is: what does Blizzard have to say for themselves after this debacle?

11:24pm: Here's the official pronouncement on the forums. People are, unsurprisingly, not happy. How many hours did you spend this week trying to get BlizzCon tickets?

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