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LucasArts kept in the Dark Side on Wii MotionPlus

We already heard that third-party devs were nonplussed by Nintendo's surprise MotionPlus reveal at E3, but we really wanted to hear about one developer in particular: LucasArts. Game Informer follows up its earlier online posting with a writeup in this month's issue (the Arkham Asylum one) specifically referencing the Star Wars dev: "LucasArts in particular wasn't happy at being kept in the dark."

Something tells us that's an understatement. The developer's Clone Wars: Lightsaber Duels game was not only built specifically for the Wii and shown off in Nintendo's E3 presentation, it was built in response to the intense clamoring from fans hungry for a 1:1 lightsaber game. With the game set to hit retailers this November, and the Wii MotionPlus arriving the following Spring, if you're holding out for 1:1 Jedi-ing, your only hope now is a sequel.

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