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Overlord to quench your insatiable thirst for power


Power. Glorious, undiluted, corrupting POWER. That's what we crave as we slave away at our tiny desks working for The Man, and that's what Codemasters will be bringing us soon. The publisher has announced a DS version of the Pikmin-inspired Overlord, in which players must use a crack team of minions to maintain control of their kingdom.

Giblet, Blaze, Stench, and Zap are your unquestioning servants throughout Overlord Minions, and instantly win points with us by resembling the Gremlins. Unlike the home console editions of the title, you'll be controlling your willing slaves remotely with touches of the stylus. By combining their scaly assets, the four can help you solve puzzles, duff up enemies, and generally further your despotic desires.

The polygon-saving omission of an Overlord avatar aside, this looks pleasingly close to the fairly well-received original, and we're promised that all of that game's humor and physical comedy will have made the leap when it releases next year. We command you to hit the jump for a second screen.

[Via press release]

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