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View Geometry Wars 2 leaderboards online

Dustin Burg

Bizarre just sent word that the Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 leaderboards are now live over on the official GeoWars website allowing you (or anyone else) to search for where a Gamertag's score ranks in the grand scheme of leaderboard life.

All six gametype leaderboards are searchable where you can also browse the all-time highest ranking scorers in the world. Viewing the record setting scores (1.6 billion in Pacifism, jeebuz!) is, of course, an extremely sobering realization that you really aren't that talented at Geometry Wars. That's why we've posted the record setting high scores after the break. Seeing such crazy high scores is sad, sort of depressing really. But we'll cover up our hurt and lack of confidence by playing the "at least I have a life" card.

Top Scores in Geometry Wars 2
Deadline - 69,107,480 by pva10x
King -
20,550,805 by ILLY4
Evolved -
562,970,325 by pE ExacTly
Pacifism - 1,678,190,200 by WindForce Izumo
Waves - 38,543,630 by WickedEndoNinja
Sequence - 236,741,945 by akr dimahoo

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