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MacBundleBox: 15 apps for 50 bucks

Robert Palmer

MacBundleBox is offering 15 Mac applications for $49.95: an 85 percent discount (compared to buying each app individually). The apps included are:

  • Headline - A full-featured RSS/ATOM feed reader with an ultra-minimal UI.
  • Mac Pilot 3 - A system optimization and customization utility.
  • iConquer - A game not unlike Risk.
  • Mahjong Forests - A traditional mahjong game.
  • Shoebox Express - A solution for organizing all your photos by content.
  • Caboodle - A way to collect random snippets of text or images on your machine.
  • Narrator - A program that will read out stories in multiple voices.
  • WriteRoom - A distraction-free word-processor, and possibly the most popular app in the bundle.
  • Scribbles - A simple drawing utility.
  • Money - An accounting app.
  • Operation - A simple project management application.
  • Aurora - An iTunes-integrated alarm clock.
  • Compositor - A CoreGraphics-based image editor.
  • Sofa Control - Allows you to control your applications remotely, using an Apple Remote.

MacBundleBox is available directly from their website.

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