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The Elves of WAR: Sorceress levels 6-10

Kyle Horner

The first five levels of the Sorceress class outfitted her with the basics spell-wise. These next five levels, however, add plenty of tricks into the mix. There's still more direct damage to be had, especially with your first morale ability. However, a lot of what you're getting in levels six through ten are buffs and debuffs or Augmentations and Hexes, as Warhammer Online likes to call them.

Umbral Strikes is going to be your bread and butter buff for a while after you get it, as the spell gives everyone in your group a 25% chance to cause extra damage whenever they attack. One particularly interesting ability allows you to deal slightly more damage to a target of your choosing over a period of time, but less damage to everything else as a cost. This one seems like an obvious choice for epic monsters or maybe that particularly annoying tank in RvR. Your level ten spell is probably the second most important spell, next to your brand new buff. It's a classic AoE root that no spellcaster should be without, really.

Refer back here for information on Dark Magic (DM) and the Backlash mechanic.

  • Level 6 - Umbral Strikes
    30 AP no range
    Instant cast, no cooldown
    Everyone in your group is filled with dark energy for 1 hour, giving them a 25% chance to deal an additional 20dmg any time they deal damage.
  • Level 7 - Word of Pain
    20 AP 100ft range
    Instant cast, no cooldown
    Builds 5 DM, can backlash
    Reduces your target's Willpower by 2 for 10s, and can be stacked up to 3 times. When this effect ends, the victim will suffer 39 Spirit dmg for each application that was stacked.
  • Level 8 - Shattered Shadows
    40 AP 80ft range
    3s cast, no cooldown
    Builds 20 DM, can backlash
    You crush your foes underneath a blast of living shadow, dealing 50 Spirit dmg to your target and all other enemies within 20ft of them.
  • Level 8 - Mage Bolt
    Rank 1 Morale 100ft range
    Instant cast, 60s cooldown
    A focused blast that deals 160dmg.
  • Level 9 - Obsessive Focus
    20 AP 100ft range
    Instant cast, 60s cooldown
    You become obsessed with your target for 20s, dealing 10% more dmg to them, but 10% less dmg to everyone else. Even if the target dies, your obsession will persist for the full duration.
  • Level 10 - Grip of Fear
    30 AP no range
    Instant cast, 20s cooldown
    All enemies within 30ft become Rooted, making them unable to move for 5s. Rooted targets have a 50% chance to break free when they suffer damage.

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