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Official EVE Flickr images show Ambulation concept art

James Egan

Ambulation, or 'Walking in Stations,' is a hot topic among EVE Online players, but for opposing reasons. Some are excited about the prospect of being able to get out of their capsules and ships and finally interact on an avatar level with one another. Other players feel that Ambulation offers little that will benefit the game as it's played by EVE's pilots.

Regardless of what detractors from Ambulation are saying, CCP Games has been moving ahead with the project. Players will decide for themselves whether or not this is a positive addition to EVE Online when they get to try it out at Fanfest 2008 in November. Until then, CCP has provided a few images on their Flickr account that give EVE players a glimpse at how their avatars are going to look later this year, and what the station environments will be like.

[Via CrazyKinux]

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