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Medis 24-7 Power Pack fuel cell available online now, at Best Buy soon


Medis has been making promises about its portable fuel cell for the masses since way back in 2005, but it looks like it's now finally actually available online, and will soon be available at a Best Buy possibly near you (if it isn't already). $30 will get you the basic starter kit, which includes the PowerPack itself, a power cable, a standard mini USB connector, and connectors for LG, Palm Treo, and "New Nokia" phones. According to Medis, a single PowerPack will provide enough juice for about 30 hours of talk time, or 60 to 80 hours of playback from your MP3 player, after which you'll have to ditch (and recycle) the pack and get a replacement for $20. If that sounds like the solution you've been waiting for, you can hit up the link below and get your order in.

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