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Should there be a WoW killer?

Shawn Schuster

First off, this post is not part of giant campaign to promote World of Warcraft, Age of Conan or any other game. This post is based on two things: a recent opinion piece at MMOCrunch regarding AoC's "demise", and an eyebrow-lifting quote from Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime that says "40% of the World of Warcraft subscribers that left for Age of Conan have since returned."

The post at MMOCrunch points out a few interesting issues on both sides of the fence. First off, there's Morhaime's quote, coupled with recent AoC numbers that range from 1 million subscribers at launch to 700,000 on June 30th to the recent report of 400,000 subscribers remaining. On the WoW side, they point to another article claiming that Blizzard's recent Recruit-a-Friend campaign is a cry of desperation against falling subscriber numbers. Either way you look at it, and no matter what you actually believe, many are obsessed with WoW's success and every time it rises or falls, new speculations and theories arise. So will there ever really be a WoW killer, or should new developers just take the approach of Paul Barnett and aim more towards being the Led Zeppelin to their Beatles?

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