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Antec offers components for the DIY laptop crowd

Darren Murph

Just because you haven't gotten up the nerve to build your own laptop doesn't mean that everyone's just running out and buying pre-fabricated lap warmers, now does it? Antec sure hopes not, else its new CBB component initiative will become a serious money loser. Said outfit has just revealed a slew of new interchangeable kit designed to act as "building blocks" for folks looking to piece together their own notebook. It even goes so far as to proclaim that this is the "first time that system builders will be able to build customized, personalized laptops from individual components," and while we're pretty sure that's exaggerating it, there's no doubt the commercialization here makes it easier to digest. The new enclosures, docking station, CBB / RC2-specific keyboards, AC adapters, battery packs, webcams and more are available now for tinkerers who care.

[Via ExtremeTech]

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