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13-hour Arena match leaves Warlock the victor


In the Arena, long matches sometimes happen. The longest I've ever been involved with left me watching my Holy Paladin partner and a Resto Druid chase each other around the Blade's Edge bridge for a half hour. And I thought 30 minutes was pretty long-in-the-tooth for an Arena match. It turns out, that's nothing.

Richard tipped us off to a show-down that ran for 13 hours and 30 minutes. It seems like a long time, but when you check out the discussion thread -- it's revealed that the Warlock and the Druid weren't really fighting no-holds-barred for the entire time. The druid was skilled enough at his LOS and heals that Bandiago, the warlock, couldn't do enough damage to kill him. In return, the resto druid didn't have the DPS to burn down the Siphon-Life/Soul-Link warlock.

The two players started exchanging messages during the match. Bandiago would apparantly get up to go make brownies and post on the official forums. Whenever the druid would try and kill him, the warlock-chef would come back long enough to get in the fight. It eventually wound down, according to Bandiago, when he was able to get a Drain Life to keep channelling through a pillar. At 13.5 hours, Bandiago pulled off a win.

I guess we should offer congratulations, but I don't know. 13 hours is a long time. Many of us have had shorter love affairs. It seems like a long time to chase a bear around an Arena, to me.

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