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New Age of Conan video showcases coming content

Adrian Bott

Courtesy of German gaming site, we're able to bring you a presentation of upcoming Age of Conan content by Erling Ellingson, straight from the Games Convention in Leipzig. The presentation takes us on a tour of the Tarantia Commons, a slum area in which your character takes a side in a war between street gangs, and stops to take in some of the new exotic armor sets that have been included in response to player demand. Quests are set to become more interesting and branching, allowing characters to make moral choices rather than simply go off on errands to kill ten of something.

The tour then checks out Black Castle, the mantis-infested stronghold in the south of Khopshef Province, which is 'completely revamped' in the new version, the main focus being on Indiana Jones style traps that require ingenuity and co-operation to tackle. Ellingson explains that Age of Conan is deliberately borrowing from World of Warcraft in its reworking of boss fights, to produce encounters that require specific tactics to beat; we're glad to hear it, as bosses right now are a bit too much of the bag-of-hit-points kind. Next stop is Ymir's Pass, a Cimmerian zone under bandit onslaught, featuring one of the hugest bosses we've seen. We also hear about upcoming level 80 dungeons and the PvP consequence system.

One thing you'll hear Ellingson say repeatedly is 'we listened to our players'. That seems to be the message Funcom is most keen to send out right now. Check out the video after the cut.

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