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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup asks, 'What would you ask Tycho and Gabe?'

Ross Miller

Next week at the Penny Arcade Expo, we've been given a chance to sit down for an interview with PA creators Jerry Holkins and Mike Krahulik (i.e. Tycho and Gabe). While we'd love to brainstorm hard-hitting questions for the two, we suddenly realize we're very lazy people. So please tell us what you would ask the Dynamic Duo and we'll pick out the best quesitons and use them in our interview.

Here are our (admittedly too numerous) picks for the week's best game-related webcomic. Polling after the break; be sure to vote for your favorite!

Level Up! (2P Start)
The Latest Score (Castle Vidcons)
two great tastes (Robot Martini)
A Life of Service (Penny Arcade)
For Aiur (MNC)
That Famous Equation (Digital Unrest)
The Force Unleashed (Extra Life)
Karting Sickness (Horribleville)
Cool Webcomics for Attractive People (Dueling Analogs)
Force Powers (CAD)
Do-Over (Burn the Internet)
Scared Straight (Hijinks Ensue)


(What? You say we didn't pick your favorite gaming comic this week? Make sure we and everyone else gets to see it in the comments below. If it's good enough, we might add it to next week's wrapup.)

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