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Free library of iPhone UI elements


iPhone developers! Do you need to make a quick mockup of your iPhone app for a presentation to venture capitalists?

Don't struggle with creating your own UI elements. Geoff Teehan and crew have come up with a Photoshop PSD library full of UI assets that you can use to whip up a mockup of that killer app in time for the meeting with Mr. Moneybags.

The PSD file is now at version 1.1, with the following improvements over the 1.0:
  • changed document to 160ppi
  • added number and symbol keyboard views
  • added key press
  • added address book alphabetical navigation widget
  • added plus icon
  • added new checked and unchecked elements
Thanks to Geoff and friends for making this available to the iPhone development community at no cost.

Yahoo also provides UI elements and wireframes for the iPhone on their developer network.

[Via Daring Fireball]

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