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Joystiq X08 interview: NHL 09 producer Andy Agostini

Who says a sports franchise can't reinvent itself? For EA Sports, the NHL game franchise has done just that over the last three versions. After introducing the analog control mechanic in NHL 07 along with the AHL teams and Create-a-Play feature in NHL 08, it would appear the franchise has gone as far as it can. Well, sports fans, NHL 09 attempts to break the mold once again with its Be a Pro mode. The mode is instantly recognizable to fans of FIFA 08 but different because it's spread across seasons in NHL 09, rather than single games.

In an interview with Joystiq at Microsoft's X08 in Toronto, NHL 09 producer Andy Agostini discussds the Be a Pro mode, annual creativity and the hardships of updating rosters after a title ships.

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