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WirelessHD nails down content protection spec


WirelessHD has finished its own content protection system, under the guise of Hollywood's big studios, Digital Transmission Content Protection (DTCP). The idea behind DTCP is establishing that content protected under another system -- like DVD's CSS or Blu-ray's AACS -- it will retain that same copy protection after it's transmitted, while still allowing streaming and copying from one device to another. Moving beyond simple wireless displays, this allows for easy wireless transmission of managed copies to DVRs, portable media players, etc. Ordinarily, we'd be rather averse to anything the MPAA has had a hand in, but we're cautiously optimistic if managed copy can actually become more than a theory. Punch the read link for a look at the specs and see if our trust has been misplaced. Of course, they also promised we'd be seeing hardware in 2008...we're running out of time while WHDI and UWB are calling.

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