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Here's the Halo 3 tribute song "Thank You Bungie"


Hot on the heels of Matthew McCarthy, writer of "Geometry Wars Will Be the Death of Me," comes Bryan Simon and "Thank You Bungie - An Ode to Halo 3." As you may have guessed, the song is pretty much a love letter to Bungie and Halo 3 (not that there's anything wrong with that). It's not a bad little ditty and it's something we're sure Halo fans will appreciate. We can only wonder if Bungie will approve and decide that Bryan can haz Recon. The real question -- and perhaps fear -- is whether or not this signals the birth of a new generation of video game troubadors determined to see their names up in lights (or at least on YouTube).

Anyone care to write a musical about Call of Duty 4? A little Left 4 Dead hip-hop, perhaps? The possibilities are endless, the implications frightning.

[Thanks to the many, many people who sent this in]

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