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Verizon vs tru2way, and the hits roll on

Ben Drawbaugh

All this back and forth banter between the cable industry and Verizon is quite entertaining. While ultimately we agree with Verizon that there has to be a better solution than tru2way, we're not buying "it's not compatible with our network" jazz. As pointed out by a podcast listener (thanks Derek) -- the real reason why Verizon isn't down with tru2way, is because it would make all of VZ's new software useless. Either way, in the latest chapter Verizon calls out the NCTA's redicluos "it'll still work with a STB" argument, by pointing out the obvious; which is that the whole point of a system like tru2way, is to eliminate the STB. Although there is nothing new about us saying that we want to choose the software, as well as the hardware, we just hope that if we say it enough times, maybe the FCC will actually stand up and listen.

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