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Homebrew proposal culminates in 'Bejeweled' wedding

Kyle Orland

You've probably all but forgotten about a story we ran way back in March in which one Bernie Peng used a homebrew version of Bejeweled to propose to his girlfriend of three years. Well, Bejeweled publisher PopCap didn't forget about the proposal, helping to make the couple's wedding this Saturday an unforgettable affair.

According to the New Jersey Star-Ledger, PopCap chipped in $1,000 for decorations ($500 of which went to a Nintendo DS-shaped cake) and $5,000 for free copies of Bejeweled that were given to all 250 guests. "There are good ways and bad ways to hack software and to us, this is a good way," said PopCap spokesman Garth Chouteau. After a honeymoon in Bali, the happy, nerdy couple will also get a guided tour of Popcap's Seattle headquarters.

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