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Mario Kart cheat allows unlimited blue shells


Apparently, we're late to the party on this one, as folks have been steaming mad over a hack that allows players to toss an infinite number of blue shells during online races. While the video above does not show you the code, it does show you the damage that can be done. We've got a solution, however. Play Mario Kart Wii with us at Game Night!

Having run Game Night for almost two years now, we can safely say nobody there cheats. We all enjoy multiplayer games together, the way they were meant to be played. So check it out!


[Thanks, Rengifo!]

A fan of Mario Kart Wii? Us too, especially the tournaments, which there have been quite a few of. To check out the previous tournaments, click here, here, here, here, here, and here. And if you fancy yourself a good karter, check out Game Night for some of the community's best competition.

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