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Samsung's i8510 INNOV8 gets official on Orange UK


In what may be some type of time to market record, Samsung's 8 megapixel monster just popped up for Orange UK just a handful of weeks after we first heard word. As a quick refresher -- though, seriously, this should still be fresh on your minds -- it packs the aforementioned 8 megapixel shooter, dual-band 7.2 Mbit HSPA, quad-band EDGE, 16GB internal memory, Bluetooth, FM radio, and even a blink and smile recognition mode when shooting. Pricing -- on -- is set from £free on 18 months and they'll even throw in a spare Nokia 1650 on pay as you go with a £10 credit. Not too shabby eh? So why not rush out and grab one and let us know what you think.

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