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Age of Conan reveals first PvP gear, stats and all

Adrian Bott

The bad news for Age of Conan PvP enthusiasts is that the patch has been put back yet again, and is now due to come out on September 10th. However, if you head over to the Testlive Server - and owing to a new feature, you can now copy over your regular characters instead of starting new ones - you can visit the ad-hoc PvP vendors in Tortage, and see how you like the long-awaited AoC PvP gear. (No, it's not live yet. This is Testlive.)

It's not all in yet, with PvP level 5 the highest for which gear's currently available on Testlive, but there's enough to get an idea of where Funcom are heading with this. The bonuses seem to be emphasising damage resistance over damage dealing, which would logically lead to longer PvP fights where one-shotting and large amounts of burst damage were less likely. There's also a lot of health boosting, again pointing towards longer fights and heightened survivability. Tester Stounedi has compiled screenshots of all the Tier 1 gear (available at PvP level 2).

On the downside, there only seems to be one set per tier per class, meaning that each PvPer of a given PvP level and class will probably end up looking identical. Though they are more than healthy in size, the benefits so far are all run-of-the-mill percentile boosts, with no procs, interesting bonus feats or such like. But the gear is, from what we can see so far, very nice looking indeed.

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