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Cologne and Leipzig, don't make us turn this car around


Or, given that it's Germany we're talking about, it's the fancy bullet train we'll be turning around. Regardless, we've had it with our rowdy passengers, Cologne and Leipzig. Jostling for the title of premier European games convention in 2009, Cologne's Gamescom organizers have been quick to proclaim victory over the Leipzig Games Convention, citing better (nay, existing) trade support and location.

Speaking to MCV, Koch Media managing director Klemens Kundratitz declared that there "will not be another show of any relevance in Germany." He added, "[Leipzig] might try something, but the top 12 publishers are in the BIU and we are committed to take the show to the next level in Cologne." Even SCEE president David Reeves joined in, telling MCV, "Leipzig Games Convention has its limitations logistically in terms of getting there and the number of hotels available for visitors." Reeves also predicted that 400,000 attendees -- compared to Leipzig's 200,000 -- will stink up Cologne in September 2009.

Leipzig isn't going down without a fuss, however, with Leipziger Messe CEO Wolfgang Marzin rubbishing reports of weak trade support. "We've already proved that GC works, and we have trade backing – nobody wants a show in September. Another copy of GC in Germany is ridiculous; what is the benefit of holding another show? I am confident that the big show will be GC next year." Big? Or biggest?

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