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Tenchu IV's new Wii-style combat mode


When your sneaky ninja assassin is discovered in Tenchu IV, the target shakes your hand, laughing heartily while exclaiming "Ohhhhh, you! You almost got me that time! I gotta watch this guy!" Of course we're kidding -- he tries to murder you. In situations when you've been noticed, rather than just giving up or retrying, you now have the option to actually fight in a new first-person mode.

In alternating attack and defense phases, you use Wiimote gestures to simulate a one-on-one swordfight, battling until one of you is dead or your sword breaks. It's like Rose & Camellia, except with to-the-death ninja fights instead of Victorian-era face-reddening! Being a ninja and therefore a total jerk, you can also throw knives while fighting.

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