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Seinfeld goes HD on TBS HD

Ben Drawbaugh

No, this isn't the usual stretch-o-vision we've come to expect from TBS HD, this is the real thing. Yesterday -- in a move that has been more than three years in the making -- TBS HD started broadcasting syndicated reruns of Seinfeld in HD. What's that you say, how could a show that was produced long before HD was invented be presented in HD? It is simple, film is eternal -- well almost -- and Sony spent the big bucks to go back to film for your HD enjoyment. Now, since this is TBS we're talking about here you know there has to be a catch, and that catch is that the show is cropped -- TBS, like Engadget is a Time Warner company. Everyone knows how much Turner hates black bars, and apparently 4x3 HD content isn't any different.

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