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Play with Mercenaries 2 devs, 'catch' an Achievement


One of the more ... interesting Achievements in the Xbox 360 version of Mercenaries 2: World in Flames is the 50-point "Everybody Wants Some," which is earned by playing online with one of the game's developers, or someone who's already played with them. Yep, it's contagious. Actually, it's sort of like the STD of Live Achievements, if you'll pardon the icky analogy.

We think it'd be pretty cool to hear the 360 "Achievement Unlocked" sound in real life every time we came down with a cold or other ailment. Hear that Microsoft? Get on it – after all, you were all about "Live Anywhere." Mercs 2's devs will be playing September 5 through 12 using special easy-to-grok Gamertags, which we've listed after the break. Now, go forth and expose yourself to viral goodness.

  • MercsDev1: James Wahlquist, Designer
  • MercsDev2: David Padron, Junior Technical Artist
  • MercsDev3: Jeremy Swigart, Programmer
  • MercsDev4: Albert Lo, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev5: Ali Zandi, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev6: Manny Diaz, Associate Designer
  • MercsDev7: Ed Kim, Programmer
  • MercsDev8: Scott Warner, Lead Designer
  • MercsDev9: Drew Marlowe, Designer
  • MercsDev10: Brad Welch, Senior Designer

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