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The world's deadliest dessert

Alex Ziebart

We've seen Hordecake, Alliance cake, Horde-oken cake, and now we have a cake from Fatalis Sciurus, the 'Deadly Squirrels' of the Uldum realm. According to Kronq, a member of the guild, Fatalis Sciurus is a pretty small, tight knit group that all gets together in person now and then for "food, drinks, and whatever." Guildie Hallana decided to go the extra mile and put together a themed chocolate cake for the gang, bearing their adorable yet deadly namesake. I don't know about you guys, but that picture makes me want to lick the Horde emblem right off of the thing. Delicious, delicious sugar!

I have to admit, I have some pretty serious envy about the regular guild get-togethers. I enjoy gaming with my long distance friends (and yes, I consider them real friends), but there's just no substitute for hanging out in person sometimes. I wish I could have more of my guildies over at my place or vice versa regularly, the few times I've been able to do it were amazingly fun.

From now on, I think we of WoW Insider should start requiring that you guys send us a piece of the cake along with the pictures. It's just not fair to taunt us with sweets like this!

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