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AudioQuest's Series 10 HDMI cable takes 1080p 115-feet with no extender

Darren Murph

Taking your HDMI signals a few hundred feet isn't a problem if you're kosher with dropped a few Benjamins on an extender, but AudioQuest has a better idea -- just make a cable that can take said signals further. The Series 10 HDMI cable is making its grand entrance at CEDIA this year, and thanks to some fancy Advanced Critical Twist Geometry and a proprietary conductor alloy, it can pipe 1080p content up to 35-meters (115-feet) from the source "virtually error-free." Pricing and availability weren't mentioned, but considering how much you'll save by not having to buy an extender, we'd expect these strands to be mighty pricey. Full release after the break.

AQ's New HDMI™ Cable Provides Performance Breakthrough

Newly developed design offers unprecedented length, data integrity

IRVINE, Calif. - September 5, 2008 - AudioQuest is demonstrating a new HDMI™ cable technology that delivers HDMI 1080P signal up to 35 meters (115 ft) from the source at this week's CEDIA Expo in Denver.

The company's Series 10 HDMI cable features newly developed Advanced Critical Twist Geometry and a proprietary conductor alloy provided a breakthrough in the effective length of HDMI cable runs while maintaining virtually error-free 1080P signal.

AudioQuest is debuting this new offering at this week's CEDIA Expo in Denver with the aid of a BER (Bit-Error Rate) test machine. The BER device analyzes the quality of the high-speed data transmission on each channel.

"The CEDIA community has a growing requirement for being able to deliver 1080P over increasingly longer distance," said William Low, CEO and founder. "Our intent is to continue developing solutions that meet those requirements. This one is signficant."

The company is also introducing a field termination solution for HDMI as well as a new series of HDMI electronics including switchers, distribution amplifiers and HDMI over Cat technologies. These new offerings will be demonstrated at AudioQuest's exhibit at Booth 234 during the CEDIA Expo in Denver.

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