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Runco debuts 100-inch VW-100HD in-wall projection video display

Darren Murph

While we've seen daylight-friendly front projection screens and all sorts of similar solutions to uncontrolled lighting in PJ-infused rooms, Runco's solution seems superior for those with the requisite coin. The two-piece VideoWall VW-100HD in-wall projection video display includes a lightweight 100-inch screen that can be flush-mounted within a wall alongside a VW-100HD projection system. The self-contained system includes a rear assembly less than 32-inches deep with sloping side panels to help it fit into tight nooks and crannies, and the screen itself reportedly "retains video contrast and brightness even when viewed in high amounts of ambient light." The 1080p beamer includes Runco's SuperOnyx chipset, HDMI / DVI / component / PC / S-Video / composite inputs, an RS-232 control port, Vivix II processing engine and a CinOptx lens system. You know you'd rather drop $39,995 on this rather than pick up a new C350 this November, right?

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