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SIM2 tag-teams with Entertainment Experience to bring you movies on hard drives

Darren Murph

Now here's a real head-scratcher -- imagine that instead of having Netflix ship you a new movie on disc every few days, you had some other company sending you a new hard drive once or twice a week. If we're understanding SIM2's latest news correctly, that's exactly what'll happen when signing up with Entertainment Experience, LLC. The Digital Entertainment Solution includes SIM2's ultra-pricey C3X 1080p projector, but that's not even the best part; purchasers will apparently also receive an undisclosed amount of additional hardware in the form of a "Digital Entertainment Center" that accepts HDDs with motion pictures stored in a reference-grade DCI format accepted by Hollywood. It even sounds like an AV signal processor comes bundled in to make even your current media components (Xbox 360, PS3, Blu-ray player, etc.) look better. Both firms have noted that content should be available "soon," and while we'll be doing our best to track down more information at CEDIA, feel free to read up on the cryptic release after the break for now.

SIM2 Combines With Entertainment Experience LLC To Deliver "Better Than Blu" Digital Home Theater System

Denver, Colorado, CEDIA Expo 2008-September 4, 2008-Italy's SIM2, whose striking, high-performance HD home-theater projectors are known worldwide for their pristine video and dramatic cabinet designs, is partnering with U.S. firm Entertainment Experience, LLC to create the first "better than Blu" solution for high-end home theater installations. SIM2 and Entertainment Experience, which heretofore focused on unique digital media products for the commercial cinema, education, and hi-tech display market spaces, announce that they will begin offering a hardware-software content solution-including pre-loaded, fully licensed motion picture content-that delivers better-than-HD digital video performance to home buffs.

SIM2 and its partner will demonstrate this impressive new Digital Entertainment Solution home theater reference at the 2008 CEDIA Show in Denver, CO. "The time has come for top-tier home theater content to move beyond HDTV standards, to a format that can truly equal archival-quality film for visual content," says SIM2's VP of Marketing and Sales, Charlie Boornazian, "SIM2 already has the display technologies well in hand to allow us to begin migrating these technologies from the commercial digital-cinema world, while Entertainment Experience has the know-how and access to help make this a practical reality. Together, we are opening the next era of home-theater performance."

According to Jim Sullivan, ex-Kodak Digital Cinema exec and now President of Entertainment Experience, LLC, the collaboration with SIM2 offers the highest quality media solution on the market. "Now the most demanding video fans can enjoy all forms of entertainment media with the premium quality they have been looking for. We're confident that these discriminating, leading-edge consumers will agree with the many movie producers and creative directors who have seen the system: that it for the first time empower us to deliver a truly cinematic viewing experience in the home."

The Digital Entertainment Solution incorporates SIM2's C3X 1080 Full HD Home Theatre Projector, the world's smallest, and by far most elegant three-chip DLP projector. Capable of reference-grade home-theater imaging at up to 1920x1080p, this exceptional Italian design complements a Digital Entertainment Center provided by Entertainment Experience: hardware/software that stores, secures, manages and outputs the "Beyond HD" content. The center incorporates advanced video processing calibrated to the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) color standards recently adopted by most Hollywood studios and distributors, as well as removeable-hard-disk data storage to accommodate multiple DCI-standard motion picture titles ready for immediate playback. The system's audio-video signal processing pulls the system together in the home theater environment, allowing owners to easily integrate current digital media including broadcast/cable HDTV, Blu-ray discs, DVDs, and even Xbox gaming and media-PC systems, into the advanced Digital Entertainment Solution.

Digital Entertainment, LLC predicts that the solution's movie content ultimately will encompass more than 4000 major titles from multiple studio and distribution partners, which will be delivered direct to consumers via hard drives that may be swapped into the Center's drive-bays. Each movie occupies approximately 40-50GB of storage space, due to data rates up to 3x that of conventional HD of the future-proof DCI Color format defined by Hollywood for professional cinemas. When displayed via the state-of-the-art SIM2 C3X 1080, the net result is eye-popping clarity, contrast, and color-gamut fidelity. Despite its sophistication, users can easily navigate the system, and select titles on-screen using techniques already familiar to all from DVD-archiving and "Media PC" systems, then simply press "Play" and enjoy video and audio performance dramatically better than what's available from the local cinema. What's more, the Digital Entertainment Center , protects customers' existing technologies from obsolescence by supporting current video formats up to 1080p, and all major color and encoding standards including Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H.264, and VC1, and up-converting these to bit-rates as much as triple conventional HD rates, while incorporating full image and device security.

The Digital Entertainment Center's 18 video inputs encompass six 1080p/60-capable HDMI ports with HDCP, four SD/HD component, four each S- and composite-video, plus two HDMI outputs supporting resolutions up to 1920x1080p/60. Its exceptionally sophisticated 10-bit video digital signal processing provides for adaptive de-interlacing of both SD and HD sources, edge enhancement without ringing, and uniquely adaptive noise reduction, as well as extensive color and grey level calibration.

SIM2 and Entertainment Experience, LLC expect content to be available soon.

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