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Star Wars Galaxies producer says Hoth is coming next month!

Michael Zenke

In an open letter to the players of Star Wars Galaxies, producer for the title Christopher "Dotanuki" Field gave fans a heads up on what's coming down the pipe in the next six months or so. He lays out a timeline for upcoming patches, revealing that the Halloween event called "The Galactic Moon Festival" as well as The Battle of Echo Base will be released sometime next month! There will be a new Life Day event, along with the first expansion to the Champions of the Force game, sometime during the winter months. Beyond that, the next professions to see updates and patches will be Politicians and Spies, followed by Domestics/Structural Traders.

He also notes that they are moving ahead full-force on a plan to deal with the game's many servers with relatively low populations. SWG players have been long asking for a solution in the form of server merges; as we've discussed before, the unique topography of the game's cities and planets makes that difficult. Field states in his letter that "We met with Marketing yesterday to discuss the timeframe of the program as well as the announcement timeframe. All the details are being finalized now. DevH is still hard at work on his tasks." He has no further specifics to offer, but notes that their interactions with marketing mean an announcement will be coming sooner rather than later.

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