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Sting and Tool appear in Guitar Hero World Tour


Activision has announced that well-known artists Sting and Tool will appear in Guitar Hero World Tour. Sting will be available as a selectable character in the vocal career mode. He will also appear in the game to perform The Police's "Demolition Man." Activision also announced that popular rock group (and makers of scary music videos) Tool will lend three songs to the game, "Parabola" and "Schism" from the album Lataralus along with "Vicarious" from 10,000 Days. In addition to contributing these tracks, Tool will also help design a venue for the game "highlighting the art style that has become a staple in their music videos, live shows and album artwork." So, in other words, it should be the freakiest venue ever, right?

[Thanks, Willenholly]

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