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Max Payne director upset about potential R-rating


Max Payne director John Moore is knee-deep in the battle to get a PG-13 rating for his movie. In an interview with Das Gamer, Moore really lets the expletives fly as he expresses his frustration with the MPAA ratings board, which allegedly told him his movie "feels R."

Moore goes on to express that after seeing The Dark Knight, he felt good about Payne getting a PG-13 rating, but that was obviously not to be. The as-yet unrated Max Payne is still a month away from its Oct. 17 release. On the bright side, if Moore has to make cuts to the film for those outrageously priced multiplexes, at least we'll get the unrated version on DVD in ... what, like three months? For the record, both Max Payne games received Mature ratings (17+) from the ESRB.

[Via Big Download]

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