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Nokia 5800 "Tube" rolling into Britannia next month?

Chris Ziegler

Ah yeah, that's right -- wasn't Nokia supposed to be coming out with a touchscreen smartphone at some point? Citing an unnamed source, a delightfully unsubstantiated rumor has popped up on Just Another Mobile Phone Blog claiming that Nokia's first S60 Touch device, the 5800, will get a British launch just a month from now on October 8. Given Nokia's historically epic spans between announcement and launch, putting a device on retail shelves that hasn't even been revealed yet in just four short weeks seems improbable -- but on the flip, we can certainly imagine Espoo wanting this one available in plenty of time for the holidays. Our fingers remain firmly crossed, both for an October release and for a right-quick unlock and ship across the pond.

[Via Engadget Spanish]

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